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Linux VPS Hosting gives you Power, Performance, and Reliability at an Affordable Price.
- Introducing HostingKey's new Linux VPS Core, part of our Advanced VPS Hosting lineup.
- Linux VPS hosting is a complete server solution ideal for web and email hosting, application development, testing and other IT solutions.
- Get total flexibility to control your server with full access and industry-standard tools. So there's no custom development needed!
- Linux VPS hosting delivers reliability and security at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.
- Most importantly, you have the assurance of an expert provider to support you.
- You can host with us any Linux OS you need: Cent OS 6.8, Cent OS 7.2, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 7, Debian 8, Fedora 24, openSUSE 13.2, Scientific 6, Elastix 4, FreePBX v13, MikroTik Router .....

Get the isolated resources of a Windows virtual server without the headaches of managing a traditional Windows VPS Hosting plan.
- HostingKey's Virtual Web Servers provide advanced site isolation, server resource controls and sub-hosting features in a simple, easy-to-use Control Panel.
- Our Windows Virtual Servers Support Microsoft technologies like MS SQL, .NET, ASP and Windows Streaming Media!

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Windows VPS 100GB 
Windows VPS 100GB One core
1 IPv4 Address 1024 MB RAM
more info... 100GB Hard Drive
1 month €19.98
Setup Fee €3.95

Windows VPS 200GB 
Windows VPS 200GB Two cores
1 IPv4 Address 2048 MB RAM
more info... 200GB Hard Drive
1 month €29.98
Setup Fee €3.95

Windows VPS 400GB 
Windows VPS 400GB Four cores
1 IPv4 Address 2560 MB RAM
more info... 400GB Hard Drive
1 month €39.98
Setup Fee €3.95