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Q. Windows Shared Hosting Features?

A. All plans include:
  • - No limit on email domains
  • - Site Isolation, gives you added security and sandboxing
  • - Virtual Resource Units create priority weighting for CPU and RAM within primary and sub-hosted accounts
  • - Windows Resource Dashboard providing real time account usage view
  • - Subhosting with MultiSite Pro technology
  • - Bandwidth compression
  • - Free data transfer

  • - .NET Framework 3.5
  • - Full Trust ASP .NET Environment
  • - No limit of email addresses with Spam Assassin
  • - Multiple MS SQL databases
  • - One SQL Express database available per website
  • - MySQL Database

  • - POP3/SMTP E-mail
  • - Webmail Access
  • - No limit of email addresses with Spam Assassin
  • - SPAM filtering via DNSBL

  • - Can host extra domains in the same hosting plan

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