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Q. What is Parallels Plesk 12?

A. Parallels Plesk 12
Is being offered in four different editions, which allows you to choose the version that fits your requirements perfectly.

Web Host Edition:
With this edition, you can host an unlimited number of domains on your server. There is no limitation coming from Plesk whatsoever. The Web Host Edition is the largest, most powerful of the four editions - you cannot go wrong with it, since it comes with the entire feature set, ranging from the reseller management to the security core features up to automatic outbound spam protection.

Plesk 12 Web Pro Edition:
With this edition, you can host up to 30 domains on your server. The Web Pro Edition delivers an extremely extensive feature set at a very attractive price. Apart from the reseller management, you can use all features that Plesk has to offer.

Plesk 12 Web App Edition:
With this edition, you can host up to 5 domains on your server. The Web App Edition is targeted at web and app developers, it offers all Plesk core features except for the account/reseller management and the Wordpress toolkit.

Plesk 12 Web Admin Edition:
With this edition, you can host up to 10 domains on your server. The Web Admin Edition is targeted at users who are administrating only sites of their own on their server. At an extremely low price, you can make use of all features that are making Plesk such a great piece of software. The only exceptions are features which are required for hosting sites that do not belong to you as well as the Wordpress toolkit and the developer pack.

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