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Q. Web Hosting FAQ?

A. Web Hosting FAQ

What is Basic Web Hosting?
Basic web hosting is a service where multiple users/ websites reside on one server and share the same operating system. Each site or user has its own section on the server, and shares resources with other sites/users. This is the most cost-effective solution for hosting, as many users share the cost of maintaining the server. This is the most affordable hosting solution for small business owners who don't want the hassle of maintaining their own private server.

How do I choose a hosting plan?
It's important to choose the right hosting plan that will accommodate the growth of your online business. Consider how many visitors you will have, how many pages your website will be and how much you are predicting your online business to grow in the next year to two years. Consider choosing a hosting plan level that offers more resources than you need today. Then you will less likely need to migrate or change plans as your business evolves.

What is data transfer or monthly transfer?
Data transfer is the amount of data you are allowed to transfer to or from a website. Data, in this case, must be transferred from the web server to the user's web browser and is usually provided in increments of gigabytes (GB) – that's billions of bytes – and allotted monthly, meaning you can transfer a certain amount of data every month. Data refers to text, images, audio and video files that require various amounts of data to transfer.

How much transfer do I need?
You can figure out how much data transfer you will require by estimating your average page size (including graphics!) and multiplying it by the number of page views you expect to have in a month. For example with an average page size of 50 KB, and around 2000 page views per day, you will transfer an average of 3 gigabytes (GB) per month. HostingKey plans include 6, 8 and 12 terabytes – 1,000 GB = 1 Terabyte.

What is Unlimited Disk Space?
At HostingKey we do not apply specific limits to the amount of disk space you can use for website content. The term “Unlimited” is for content directly related to the site's content. Disk space is not to be use for file storage, only website content. You can also include up to 5GB of Multimedia content.

How do I add ecommerce?
You can add a ShopSite shopping cart to just about any HostingKey hosting plan or server. ShopSite can be added to both Unix and Windows operating system-based plans. This can be done by selecting the “Add ShopSite” option as part of the check out process. If you want to save a step in the ordering process, we also offer Ecommerce bundles that are based on Unix (only) and include both a basic web hosting account and a choice of three different levels of ShopSite shopping cart. You can also select a Windows Virtual Server or Dedicated Windows Hosting plan that both include ShopSite Starter, or you can upgrade to ShopSite Manager or Pro.

What level of shopping cart software do I need?
Choose a Starter ShopSite shopping cart if you will have less than 5 product pages. If you want to offer digital downloads, choose Manager. If you want to offer gift certificates, digital coupons, digital downloads or customer rewards then choose the Pro level. View a full comparison of features

How many databases can I have?
With our Unix basic web hosting plans you can have 1 MySQL database, with as many tables as you like within the given disk space for the plan.

Can I keep my Domain Name when I change hosting providers?
Yes. Even if you purchased your domain name from your existing hosting provider, your domain name and web hosting package are two separate entities. You can point your domain name to any hosting provider to display your web pages. Confirm that you are the administrative contact for the domain through WHOIS service. Enter your domain name and be sure that your name and email appears for the Administrative contact. If it doesn't, you will need to contact that person to re-point your domain name to your new web hosting package.

How do I tell if I need Windows or Linux?
If your pages end in .php, .html or .htm, you want to use a CMS or MySQL database or run open-source applications you can use Windows but we recommend Unix. If your pages end in .ASP or .ASPX, your site supports .NET technology or you need a MSSQL database then you need Windows. Note: Just because your desktop or laptop is Windows-based does not mean you need a Windows hosting plan. If you are not sure ask your web designer / developer.

I don't have any experience creating a website. Can you help me?
You don't need experience to create a great website if you use EasySite, our free design tool. You can choose from 100's of templates, add your logo, choose your color scheme and add your content using an interface that functions much like Microsoft® Word. If you prefer to have someone else do the work, our Professional Services team can provide you with a professional website.

I have Windows web hosting. Can I use this application installer?
Not at this time. Our application installer is only available for Unix-based hosting plans.

Can I use this to install other applications?
Our application installer will only install and manage select applications. We will periodically add new applications to the list. If you have a specific application that you would like to see, please let us know. View Complete List »

Where do I find the application installer?
An icon for our application installer will display in your hosting control panel. Simply click the icon to launch it. Select the applications you wish to install, and follow the simple steps to move through the installation.

Can I upgrade after I've installed an application?
Yes. Your hosting control panel will inform you automatically if any of your installed applications has an upgrade or patch available. You decide when to implement them. Upgrade one at a time or multiple ones all at once.

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